Thursday, May 21, 2015

Who's a smug girl today???

Today was a rotten day, for a variety of reasons. I was exhausted mentally and physically, I was dealing with stress at work and at home, and I had to miss a dental appointment that will now have to be postponed a week (leaving me still unable to wear my permanent partial denture, almost two years after my extraction surgery). Several times during the day I was frazzled, hungry, and without any easy food options for South Beach. It would have been a perfect day to give in to my emotional eating urges; I didn't.

Smug by Phil Whitehouse, on Flickr

In the face of all of the craziness, I chose to order a half salad and soup combination to go from a nearby restaurant that I then put in a cooler bag to be consumed after my physical therapy appointment, once I got to work. Am I feeling a little smug? Yes, just a little.

Six days of South Beach Phase 1 down, eight more to go. I have more energy, I feel lighter, and my blood sugar readings are heading in the right direction. (They're all well within the conventionally-acceptable ranges for diabetics but my first-thing-in-the-morning readings are just a hair above my own personal goals. I'm narrowing in on a cause for the morning highs using my meter readings and my food journal to correlate what food groups seem to cause the rise and which do not.)

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That Girl said...

If you made it through today, you can make it through any day!